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Green Anodizing

DAC struggled for over eight years to eliminate nitric and phosphoric acid from the Anodizing process of most of our poles.

Anodizing is a unique aluminum surface treatment that prevents rusting and increases the durability of the painting on the product. The standard industry process for heat treatable aluminum alloy involves chemical polishing with a boiled phosphoric and nitric acid solution that generates yellow fumes — almost like tear gas.

DAC struggled for over eight years to eliminates nitric and phosphoric acid from the anodizing process of our poles.

The main motivation to find a replacement for chemical polishing was to protect our workers from this toxic gas.
We worked for eight years of trials and errors without knowing if we could ever be successful. We ultimately invented a new process called Green Anodization, and now we make most of our poles without chemical polishing.

I believe there are mainly two different approaches we need to take.
One is to provide a better environment
where we live.
The other is to minimize damage to mother nature.

Jake Lah in an interview with Outdoor Business, April/May 2008

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