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Beautiful Factory

Clients and visitors refer to DAC’s factory as the DAC Gallery.

The factory was built at minimal cost in 1988 by then owner Dong-AH Trading Co, LTD.
Despite the difficult times in the early days of the founding, CEO Jake Lah planted trees and took care of flowers little by little to make the desolate factory green little by little.

To compensate for the reality that employees have to work in Incheon Industrial Complex rather than Seoul, CEO Jake Lah created a pleasant environment by making the most of the advantage of low land prices to allocate ample space and create a garden.

Sculptures are displayed throughout the garden to provide psychological stability and relaxation to the employees working in the factory and visitors to the company.

There have been many visitors to DAC factory.

They talked about technology of DAC at the first time, but visitors talked about clean factory time after time where they could eat lunchbox at the production floor. When small trees grow, people named it ‘Oasis’ in the industrial complex.

And nowadays we named here “DAC Gallery”.

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