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The J.stake is sturdy as it is made from DAC’s own material and the aluminum alloy TH72M.

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It only made sense to create a lightweight, durable stake to go with our lightweight pole designs. Made of DAC’s proprietary alloy TH72M, the J.stake accomplishes just this. The stake uses a thick center to increase vertical load capacity through rigidity. The wings of the stake and wide and thin to aid in the ease of placing into and keeping their position in the ground. Stakes stack to take up less room in the overall tent package.

Wide, thin wings designed to increase resistance
J.stake was made by making the wings of the stake thin and wide to increase resistance so that it does not fall off the ground easily.
Stackable curved design
J.stake has a curved line on the wing of the stake, so it can be loaded and detached easily. This curved design has the advantage of keeping the stakes dry, which makes them more durable.
J.stake is not only light and firmly fixed, but also very beautiful with beautiful colors, smooth aluminum texture, and smooth curves.

Thick center to increase vertical load capacity
Calculated the appropriate thickness for engineering, thickens the middle part (the part bent at the V) where the hammer mainly touches, and bult a skeleton to increase rigidity.

Types of J.stake

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