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DAC innovates through the constant question of what can help people who enjoy the outdoors.

DAC innovates through the premise of helping people enjoy the outdoors.
We do this by making our products lighter, more comfortable and easier to carry.

Successful innovative products include as below.

New Family Tent

1992 Introducing dome shape family tents that became a global game changer.

In order to develop new family tent architectures, DAC developed new tent pole (DA) and new connectors to make them work.

Owner Lodge & Bollard / Ogawa Japan

Schuyt / Ogawa Japan

Olympus / REI USA

Backwoods Lodge / LL Bean

Featherlite – new lighter weight tent poles

In 1997, DAC asked the question: how can we make tent poles lighter without sacrificing strength?

DAC engineers determined the best way to do this was to eliminate the ferrule used to connect pole sections together.
The market reacted favorably to the Featherlite pole system.

Trekking poles – easy to lock and unlock

DAC introduced trekking poles with Innovative vertical levers for easy and secure adjusting.

Another version of pole was introduced using square buttons with a bearing ball.

Introduce new lightweight outdoor furniture, Opening a new lifestyle in outdoor life

On a trip to Moab with fellow outdoor designer and friend Mike Scherer, Jake Lah asked the question:
“Why are outdoor chairs so heavy and bulky?”
This began the quest to produce a lightweight, comfortable chair for people to use outside.
The result was the Helinox Chair One and the Flexlite Chair produced for REI.

When Jake Lah visited Moab with his friend Mike Scherer, he raised a question:
“Why outdoor chairs are so heavy and bulky?
Chair Zero Is there a way to build lightweight chair even lighter?
Chair One / Helinox

Encouraged by the widespread success of lightweight outdoor chairs and tables,
DAC teams looked at bringing indoor activities to the outdoors.
Large shelters now provide spaces for meetings, social gatherings, and work-related events.

Is a tent for camping only?
What about other group activities?
Modern version of old King’s shade
Another trial of ‘shelter’ not just for camping.
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