Tent Accessories

Tent pole accessories are key elements for tent development. There

are three main categories of tent pole accessories that DAC has been

focusing on developing - connectors, stoppers and pole end accessories.


Tent Accessories

Tent Clips

DAC Tent Clip is designed to be attached with less effort. Especially, the tongue located on the center, makes it easier for users to simply hang and detach the clip.

H Clips

As the rigidity of tents depends on the choice of tent poles and skins, DAC created the H Clip to fix the location of tent poles and skins to maintain the strong rigidity of tents. The original hook-shaped clips had problems withstanding the wind or become loose when they are tied with Velcro.


Sunflower Hub

Since 1991, DAC manufactured a machined aluminum hub that is flexible for many different angles, any number of poles.


The Sunflower Hub™ also has Q, H version.

one without H clip™, and the other for H-clip™.

Swivel CHL

A Swivel CHL Clip is an upgraded version of the Swivel Hub. It can be used to separate or tie the pole into one clip.



Visor Connector™ allows tent poles to connect at any angle. It helps tent designers to build innovative architectures that were not possible before.

NR Joint

The NR Joint was developed to replace a wide variety of aluminum arch connectors that have been in common use. It can be used for several different diameter poles. Used with the H Clip, the NR Joint can fix the location of the top of the inner tent, which allows wider headroom and additional strength. The NR Joint can also be used to stop rotation of tent poles, when used with oval shape tubes.


Round Cap

Short Tip

Long Tip

Lock Tip

Long Lock Tip

Pole Ends

Each of these tips screw into the ends of tent poles so they won’t pull out. That also means that the user can easily un-screw them to access the shock cord that's attached to them inside. It's a huge help to anyone who might need to work on their poles - users and manufacturers alike.


Colored tips are also available when there are special needs.

Jake's Foot

Jake's Foot™ is a new way of holding tent poles. Compared to previously developed pole clips, Jake's Foot makes it easy to insert and remove the tent poles. It also keeps the distance between the fly and the inner tent, which helps air circulation in the tent.

Jake's Foot is kind of like a Swiss Army Knife; it has a bunch of hidden functions:

• A special Ladder Lock buckle clips right to the foot to hold and tighten the fly
• Cord can be attached as an ultralight stake loop
• The socket resists clogging - most dirt just falls through
• On the larger versions, a tent’s footprint can clip in with a dedicated hook (FP-Hook)
• It anchors to the tent corner with lightweight web (grommets require heavy web)
• Large versions also have a lever feature where tightening the rainfly also tightens the inner tent

Ball Caps

The Ball Cap™ was developed to eliminate the unwieldy connection of the tip and grommet at the end of ridge poles.

The Ball Cap™ snaps into an aluminum ball at the end of the ridge pole with a 'Click' sound. It holds the ball, but never comes off as it rotates freely.

The SQ Ring™ is sewn at the inside of the fly and easily connects the ridge pole and the fly without velcro or a pole end pocket.