"It is my honor and privilege to introduce the heroes who saved DAC when times were hard

- SN Kim, YH Kim, TH Kim, CJ Lee and DO Park.

Nobody abandoned the sinking ship that was DAC, even though they had many opportunities to leave.

I feel so grateful to have spent the last 20 years with them."

~ Jake Lah

5 Heroes of DAC

SN Kim

Life time friend of Jake Lah since 1984. He deserves all the credit for DAC's consistent quality and on-time delivery. He saved DAC from falling apart.

Every detail of every process is under his guidance.

YH Kim

He first met Jake Lah in elementary school. He got a master's degree in material science at Yonsei University, the same University Jake graduated from. He has been a driving force at DAC for every development related to high strength aluminum - from new alloys to trekking poles.

TH Kim

People call him "DAC itself."

Since 1988, he has been there whenever and wherever DAC needs anything.

It was SN Kim who introduced him to DAC.

CJ Lee

He comes to work at least 50 days more every year than other people. Since 1989, he has dedicated himself to the health of DAC. He is a good friend of TH Kim. Together, they have gone through so many things.

DO Park

When he first started working in 1988, he did not know anything about aluminum. He is now one of the most knowledgeable people in the world on high strength aluminum processing from extrusion to final heat treatment.

JH Wang


Jake was lucky to meet him in 1987. 20 years ago, he was a brilliant young engineer who influenced Jake to start a new R&D center in DAC. It is not a surprise that he developed almost every toy and new trekking pole lock system produced by in DAC.


A good friend of JH Wang. He joined DAC as a set up member in 1988 introduced by JH Wang. Without his endurance, Green Anodizing of DAC couldn't have been possible.

Our Team

Industry People

KP Cho (since 1992)

Tent pole assembly

CH Lee (since 1992)

Tent frame development

JS Lee (since 1992)


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