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Trekking Poles

Helinox Trekking poles - Ridgeline LB130

Lighter and stronger


DAC Poles are about 30% Lighter. Lighter weight promotes better technique and substantially enhances the outdoor experience. However, poles must also be safe. DAC Poles are engineered better to provide the increased strength and reliability required to safely cope with the most demanding conditions. 

The DAC range includes poles to suit personal preferences and the widest range of applications. Model categories are available to suit expedition use, trekking and walking.



TH72M: a better material


The aluminum alloy that has set the new benchmark for strength to weight performance. Tough, durable, robust TH72M is the clear first choice in material for lightweight outdoor adventure equipment where dramatic brittle failure (a characteristic of carbon fiber) must be avoided. 



Enduring quality: more than "skin deep"


When you look at a DAC Poles, the deep metallic luster of anodized TH72M glows right back at you. With DAC, there is no external coating to "cover over" the manufacturing blemishes of less capable engineering. Graphics penetrate deep into the anodized metal itself. There is nothing to peel off or wear out. DAC Poles "age gracefully" - they don't become tired and worn. It's all about quality - 'enduring" quality.