Green Pole

The manufacturing processes of DAC's green poles minimize environmental pollution as much as possible and fosters a healthy working environment.​

Green Anodizing

Anodizing is a unique aluminum surface treatment method that prevents rusting and increases the painting durability when manufacturing aluminum products. After eight years of effort, DAC has developed "green anodizing" that eliminates nitric and phosphoric acid to minimize environmental damage and improve the working environment.

Following the Green Path

"I believe there are mainly two different approaches we need to take. One is to provide a better environment where we live. The other is to minimize damage to mother nature."

~ Jake Lah in an interview with Outdoor Business

, April/May 2008

Green Environment of DAC

修 身 齊 家 治 國 平 天 下

DAC believes that green activities need to be started at the working place.

The atmosphere will lead employees to appreciate the importance of nature.

Blooming Lotus Flowers

Employees enjoy watching red colored apples

It won't cost a fortune to build a small creek at the factory

Small fish were hatched at the factory and turned red as they grow.