What We Make


 DAC produces the highest quality, highest precision, and highest performance aluminum tubing in the world today.

We have engineered no less than five types of tent poles that internationally cater to the highest quality tent brands.

In addition, we consider ourselves to be an engineering and manufacturing company, actively designing tent poles, tent pole accessories, furniture frames, trekking poles and customized equipment.



Why DAC ?

Unlike every other tube manufacturer, DAC has developed the material and the process together. This gives DAC several advantages. The first advantage comes from DAC’s development of its own custom aluminum alloy, TH72M. The second advantage comes from DAC’s years and years of experimentation and development of rigorous production process controls. So it’s no surprise that the tubes from DAC, whether for tents or for chairs or other things, are genuinely the highest performance tubes in the world today.


Wind Lab

The DAC Wind Lab is the first wind tunnel specifically designed and constructed for testing tents

up to speeds of 45 m/s (100 mph). The test area has built-in floor anchors and is wide and deep enough to test

quite large family tents in any orientation. In just 3 years so far, more than 30 major tent brands have used
the Wind Lab to test many of their tents. Even UNICEF relief tents and military tents have been tested.


DAC Green Poles

Having clean processes is extremely important at DAC. It’s critical for reducing our environmental impact,

safeguarding the safety and health of our people, and for maintaining the quality and tolerances of our products.

Anodizing poles is one of the dirtiest processes. DAC struggled for over eight years developing our Green Anodizing process, which eliminates nitric and phosphoric acid from the anodizing process of most of our poles.


People & Culture

DAC provides a pleasant working environment. With a cozy and comfortable atmosphere, DAC's workers are proud of what they have established together from scratch.


About DAC

"When I was young I wanted to become a farmer, grow flowers and plant trees. My dreams didn't come true,

I became a manufacturer producing aluminum tubes. Instead of me, DAC plants flowers and trees at the factory.

DAC harvests strawberries and apples. Though not in a farm, but in heavy industrial complex,

my dreams are becoming true by DAC."


- Jake Lah, Founder & CEO


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