Featherlite NSL™ is the latest development of tent pole from DAC.

By combining benefits of Featherlite® and Pressfit™, DAC could build thin wall, yet strong tent pole. It is also designed to connect different diameter of tent poles without additional parts or weak joint.


DAC achieved the highest strength to weight ratio of tent pole by introducing Featherlite®.
DAC Featherlite poles are up to 15% lighter than aluminum poles of comparable strength. Additionally, Featherlite poles are less susceptible to failure because pole linkages are based on extrusion instead of glued-in inserts. Without the extra insert piece, there is less chance of breakage.
Nice looking, well-engineered Featerlite® has the lightest joint system ever built.


After so many years of trouble with either glue or crimp for jointing insert tube to main tube, DAC developed revolutionary jointing system - Pressfit™ Expanded end of an insert tube pressed into the inside of a main tube by strong force.
Within elasticity of high strength aluminum, a main tube grip the insert tube tightly and consistantly.

Through applying Pressfit™ operation, DAC could eliminate one of the main causes of tent pole failure.


"Is there a way to come up with a new tent pole that has reasonable quality with reasonable price to build good quality family camping tent?" This was an incentive to start studying new aluminum alloy for big diameter tubes.

With modification of existing aluminum alloy and adoptation of production process that was never used for aluminum tent pole before, DAC suceeded in developing a new aluminum tent pole and named it DA17™

We are introducing 'DAC Toys'.
Now, tent designers can 'play with' DAC Toys.
DAC Toys enables tent desingers to create innovative tent designs that were not possible before.
Meet the tents with DAC Toys embedded with totally new designs.



Jake's Foot™ is totally new way of holding tent poles. Comparing to former used pole clips, Jake's Foot™ is easy to put in and pull out the tent poles.

Also, with Jake's Foot™, you can set up the tent either the fly first, or the inner tent first or you can even set up only the frame.

Ball end of the pole never slides out once it 'click' into Jake's Foot™. By adjusting ladderlock, tension of both the fly and the inner tent can be tightend and released at the same time by balancing mechanism of Jake's Foot™.

Jake's Foot™ keeps the distance between the fly and the inner tent which helps air circulation in the tent.


Twist Clip™ is designed mainly for easy use.

By separating strong top portion and flexible tongue, Twist Clip™ can be released very easily while maintaining strong holding force.

One size Twist Clip™ can cover wide range of different diameter poles.



Swivel Hub™ can fix the location of crossing point of tent pole, resulting much stable architecture.

Yet, it allows tent pole to rotate up to 115 degree from paralell position, providing great flexibility in tent dimensions.

A clean and transparent Swivel Hub™ is light, functional and economical.


Since 1991, DAC has been provided machined aluminum hub which is flexible for any different angels, any number of poles.

The Sunflower Hub™ also has Q, H version.
- one without H clip™, and the other for H-clip™.



Ball cap™ is developed to eliminate tip and grommet at the end of ridge poles.

Ball Cap™ snaps into aluminum ball at the end of the ridge pole with 'Click' sound. It holds the ball, but, never comes off as it rotates freely.

SQ Ring™ is sewn at the inside of the fly and easily connects ridge pole and the fly without velcro or pole end pocket.



Used with H clip™, a Swivel Stopper™ prevents clip from sliding along the tent pole.

By Doing so, seam line on the tent can be used as a tension truss to strengthen overall stiffness of architecture.





Visor Connector™ allows tent poles to connect in any angles.

It helps tent designers to build innovative architectures that were not possible before.



NR Joint™ is developed to replace major portion of aluminum arch connectors that hae been widely used.

NR Joint™ can be used for several different diameter poles.

Used with H clip™, NR Joint™ can fix the location of the top of inner tent, which allows wider headroom and additional strength.

NR Joint™ can also be used to stop rotation of tent poles when used with oval shape tubes.



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